Is Contalog one of the best b2b ecommerce solution in the USA – Let’s look at the details

When you are a beginner in any industry, knowing what the best course of action is can be very challenging. But one thing that is very clear is that if you want to run a successful business you need to make sure that you are using the right platform that will help you take your b2b business to the next level and make it much more efficient.

Finding that b2b ecommerce solution in the USA can be a bit difficult, mostly owing to the fact that there is so much choice out there that new business owners usually don’t even know where to turn to first. To make matters just a tad bit easier for you, today we are going to talk about one of the best platforms out there called Contalog, so make sure you keep on reading.

This is actually a solution that started off as just a digital catalog and order management solution, but it has not turned into a complete omnichannel platform that is perfect for any b2b or even b2c businesses. It has been able to emerge, and very successfully so, as one of the best solutions for b2b and it was able to do that because it really simplified the whole process of order, inventory and product management.

It also has a very clean design, which is incredibly responsive which is very important nowadays, and the way that everything has been designed is perfect to help b2b enterprises maximize any opportunities that they have.

There a ton of features that come with this b2b ecommerce solution in the USA, and today we are going to talk about some of the most notable ones. Of course, since the platform had other beginnings where it was working with providing customers the ability to create a digital catalog and order management, you can definitely count on getting those features as a part of this solution.

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Apart from order management you will also get inventory management and product management which will make knowing what you have and how much of it you have very easy. You will, of course, get a full ecommerce software, as well as mobile commerce and a field sales app. Product information management will also be available to you as well as an in-store experience. These are just some of the features that you will be able to take advantage of, and we have to say that they list is pretty impressive. So, if you want to have more information on these key features on your ecommerce software solution, click here.


The last thing that we are going to talk about is the price. This is a solution that starts at 99$ per month and there are a few different plans that are all very flexible and affordable and can be a great solution for teams of different sizes. However, one of the best things about this platform is the fact that is offers customers a 30 day free trial, which is not something that a lot of other solutions will give you.


This free trial is the perfect way for you to see what the platform can give you and how the functionalities work and perform, which is a great way for you to figure out if this is something you want to pay money for or not.

When you know that this is one of the top platforms in the world and also in the USA, it is really easy to narrow your choices down to just Contalog. We hope that you found this article useful and educational and that you will take the time and take the offer of the free trial in order to check out this b2b ecommerce solution and see if it’s the right fit for your b2b business.

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